Native Seed Packets

The Seed Packet that you received from ENCAP, Inc. contains the following wildflowers pictured below: Black Eyed Susans, Purple Coneflower, Yellow Coneflower, Butterfly Weed, New England Aster and Sky Blue Aster.

Native Seed Mix Flowers

  • Select an Appropriate Planting Location
    Find a generally dry area which will receive direct sunlight more than half of each day.
    Mark off a 30 square foot area to plant (1 packet of seed will cover this).
    Choose or create an area with at least a 4 inch thick layer of topsoil.
  • Prepare Seedbed
    If applicable, remove existing vegetation.
    Work soil to a minimum depth of 3 inches, eliminating all dirt clods larger than 2 inch diameter.
    Remove large stones, sticks, or other obstruction.
  • Install Seed
    Scatter all seed evenly over the surface of the seedbed.
    Gently rake seed into soil just to the point that most of the seed is covered.
  • Water if Necessary
    Plant during spring (March 1 – June 29) or fall (September 15 – October 31) and watering should not be necessary, unless drought conditions exist.
    If planting occurs in summer (June 30 – September 15) or drought conditions exist, watering twice a week will help promote establishment and survival.
    After initial establishment of the plants, watering is no longer necessary.
  • Maintain
    Remove weeds from the plot at least twice a year; this can consist of trimming or hand pulling.

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