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Ecological consultants at ENCAP, Inc. have worked with land improvement design teams consisting of engineers, landscape architects, and planners since 1973. As a company, we have learned how to effectively integrate water quality, open space, and wildlife habitat into the built environment. If you are an engineer or a planner looking to meet the latest stormwater management requirements, or need help integrating onsite water resources into your plans, look no further. The professionals at ENCAP Inc. can offer you practical solutions.

What makes our solutions more practical than the competition? Experience

The relationship between our consulting and contracting divisions creates a practical knowledge base that allows us to economically meet the needs of our clients while maintaining and/or enhancing local water quality functions. The same consultants that know the regulations, relationships, and science necessary to get a plan approved also have the field experience with erosion control practices, habitat restoration, and construction of naturalized stormwater management features.

Our recommendations and specifications are field tested and proven to work.

For more information on ecological consultation services by ENCAP, Inc., contact Ecological Consulting Manager, Susan Rowley, LEED-AP at

Eco Consulting Services