Private Contracting

ENCAP, Inc. is capable in all aspects of private general contracting. We specialize in environmental compliance issues and in working with regulatory agencies, municipalities, and other entities to bring projects into compliance. Our expert consulting and erosion and sediment control staff can navigate the challenges of the regulatory environment to minimize liability and exposure while protecting and enhancing land assets. We have worked with Real Estate Owned (REO) Managers, financial institutions, asset managers, and land development consultants to ensure proper steps are taken to stabilize troubled land development properties and minimize carrying costs for owners.

ENCAP’s network of reliable and conscientious partner contractors, work diligently to ensure that your project is completed on-time and within budget. More than just a project management oriented general contractor, ENCAP relies on their expert staff of field crews to implement all erosion and sediment control, landscaping, and fine grading activities on projects. We can effectively and efficiently work into any project team, large or small to accomplish the goals of your project.

Example Projects Completed By ENCAP Include:

  • Storm Sewer Adjustment
  • Erosion Repairs & Grading
  • Drainage Swales and Sediment Ponds
  • Large Scale Land Stabilization and Reclamation
  • Detention Basin Repairs
  • Punchlist Closeout
  • Tree Removal and Replacement
  • Parkway Restoration

For more information on our Private General Contracting contact Carl Peterson at or Jonathan Koepke at