Breton Lakes Stream Stabilization Project

Breton Lakes HOA


Willowbrook, IL

The creek channel that bisects the Breton Lakes community was experiencing significant erosion issues along its banks. The shoreline was receding, and the current turf grass landscape was not providing enough stabilization to prevent further damage. A stream stabilization plan was created to provide a long-term solution.

ENCAP, Inc. was awarded the project through the bidding process in 2019. Project scope included reshaping600LF of existing slope, installing rock toe along the channel, invasive tree/shrub removal, native seed and plug installation and maintenance of the plantings for a period of three years. Construction and planting activity was completed in 2020. As site access was severely constricted by the existing development, the project also included minimal disturbance and successful restoration of turf area where necessary.

The stream channel is now successfully stabilized, and developing a multitude of quality native plant species. Within the first year, colorful blooms and native grass coverage provided signs of successful early establishment. ENCAP, Inc. will continue to manage the native planted areas through 2023.

Photo Taken: July 23, 2021

Breton Lakes