Hidden Pond North Bank Stabilization

Hidden Pond HOA


Schaumburg, IL

The Hidden Pond community and associated stormwater infrastructure was constructed in the 1970’s. Expanding urban development, increasing storm intensity, and passage of time led to significant shoreline erosion within the traditionally landscaped stormwater basin located on-site.

The Hidden Pond HOA contracted ENCAP, Inc. to develop and implement a plan to provide a long-term shoreline solution that improved both function and aesthetics of the area. ENCAP coordinated the site survey, plan design and consulting to obtain Village approval for a shoreline restoration project focusing on the north bank of the pond. Following Village approval, ENCAP reshaped the slopes above and below water level, spread topsoil, and placed stone outcropping along the water’s edge, extending over 800 linear feet. The shoreline was then planted with 0.22 ac of high-quality mesic prairie and native wetland plugs to provide further soil stabilization and wildlife habitat function. Monitoring and management services were performed for a three year period until successful establishment in 2021.

The Hidden Pond shoreline areas are now stabilized and exhibit a high diversity of native grasses and flowers. The planted areas provide important pollinator habitat and contribute to an improved recreational green space for the Hidden Pond community. The project received an award for ‘Best Natural Landscaping’ from the Village of Schaumburg in 2022.

Hidden Pond
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