Prentiss Creek Reach 7 Stabilization Project

Village of Woodridge


Contract Value: $136,089.00

Reach 7 of Prentiss Creek had been exhibiting signs of serious erosion issues, with nearly vertical banks and loss of streambed heterogeneity. Along its banks, the creek had also become vegetatively degraded and was dominated by non-native woody species that shaded the stream corridor.

ENCAP, Inc. provided wetland delineation and tree inventory services, natural resource permitting, SWCD plan submittal, general design, and consultation for the project to restore the stream and the surrounding area. Upon plan approval, ENCAP, Inc. cleared extensive weedy woody vegetation to prepare the stream- banks for regrading and stabilization activites. Rock toe was placed to reinforce areas subject to higher stream velocity, and a rock riffle structure was constructed within the streambed using both on-site and im- ported materials. Several rock points were installed throughout Reach 7 to redirect flows and provide further erosion protection. After grading work was completed, areas were stabilized with native seed and erosion control blanket, and native wetland plugs were installed along the reshaped shoreline. Native trees, shrubs and habitat boxes were installed throughout the project area to replace lost canopy coverage and improve overall habitat value.

The enhancements will contribute to improved water quality, soil stabilization and provide valuable aquatic and riparian wildlife habitat. The site is currently thriving under a natural area stewardship program with EN- CAP, Inc.

Prentiss Creek

After Installation- Photos Taken: July 29, 2021

Prentiss Creek