Silver Creek Streambank Stabilization & Floodplain Enhancement Project – Phase IV

Village of Melrose Park


Melrose Park, IL

The Silver Creek watershed is 10.6 miles of highly urbanized areas subject to high overland flows. The target section of Silver Creek running through Melrose Park contained over 2,500 linear feet of heavily wooded and steep banks that did not provide effective flood control or other significant ecological function.

To create some floodplain and help return the highly incised portion of Silver Creek to equilibrium, the shore- line was regarded to a more gentle slope that reconnected the stream to the surrounding land. Several riffles and rock points were created using rirap throughout the channel. Stone toe was installed on 1,063 linear feet of the project in areas subject to more intense flow during storm events. The banks were then planted with over 3.5 acres of native seed, 12,000 plugs, and stabilized with erosion control blanket. Other aspects of this project included the repair of storm sewer outfalls, installation of rirap aprons, rootball & log habitat installa- tion, invasive tree and shrub removal, and installation of outcropping stone in select areas.

The site is now under a monitoring and management program with ENCAP, Inc. High-quality native plant communities are in the process of establishing on-site, and the streambed exhibits a more natural shape that will allow for better function under high flow conditions. The enhancements will yield improved soil stabiliza- tion, water quality and wildlife habitat function long-term.

Initial Construction


After Installation