Valley View Pond Project

Village of Downers Grove


Downers Grove, IL

Valley View Pond is an in-line detention basin that previously consisted of eroded banks, a heavily sedimented bottom, and experienced frequent flooding issues. The shoreline surrounding the pond featured degraded rock toe and vegetative dominance by invasive speices; primarily purple loosestrife and sandbar willow.

For this design-build project, ENCAP, Inc. worked collaboratively with Living Waters Consulting to develop a naturalization plan for the Village of Downers Grove to help reduce flooding and improve water quality conditions for the surrounding residents and downstream areas. ENCAP performed the initial wetland delineation and permitting through federal and local agencies, formulated planting lists and specifications, performed the excavation and site construction despite difficult soil conditions, and installed all native seed, plugs, trees and shrubs for the project. The previously shallow basin now featured an extensive wetland shelf, deep water pockets, a bypass channel with a spillway and a gentle shoreline all planted with high-quality native species. After a season of intense rainfall, some planting selections were changed to better match observed site conditions. ENCAP, Inc. performed all management and monitoring until final performance criteria were met in 2015.

Valley View Pond now exhibits improved resiliency during rain events and provides improved wildlife habitat for the many shorebirds, waterfowl and other species observed within its boundaries. The area will continue to be an added value to the surrounding community.


Valley View Pond before


Valley View Pond after