Woods Creek Streambank Restoration Project

Village of Algonquin


Algonquin, IL

This 3,100 foot section of Woods Creek had become highly incised and degraded by increasing overland flows and invasive species pressure. As a result, the stream corridor was performing only a fraction of its potential ecological function and contributing to increased sedimentation and nutrient loading of downstream waterways.

As part of the Woods Creek Watershed plan, the Village of Algonquin retained ENCAP, Inc. in 2016 was contracted by the Village of Algonquin to be the general contractor for this streambank restoration project. To regrade and restore the creek corridor, existing invasive woody vegetation was cleared and grubbed, 1,268 CY of topsoil was stripped and respread, the streambed and surrounding areas were excavated to restore natural character, and 1028 tons of stone was placed along the toe of slope, streambed and used for riffle structures. After earthwork was complete, 6.17 ac of native seed with erosion control blanket was installed along with 6,900 wet prairie plugs, and 18 native trees.

ENCAP, Inc. performed natural area stewardship for the site for three years following construction completion. The restored areas developed resilient native plant communities that in conjunction with the constructed streambank improvements, have improved water quality, soil stabilization and wildlife habitat function along the creek corridor. ENCAP, Inc. continues to provide long-term management for the site through prescribed burning.



Initial Construction