Why We Do It

Service Mission

To view each client and each project as an opportunity to design, construct, manage and monitor ecological resources to the highest degree of our ability and with full intention.

To acknowledge that each project be undertaken with a sense of purpose and our best efforts.

We will empower our employees to perform their work successfully and demonstrate our commitment to clients through the quality of our work.

Social Mission

To conduct our business in such a way that acknowledges our company’s role in promoting and creating sustainability, our capacity to be a driver for good, and the desire to work collaboratively for a greater purpose.

We recognize that our work creates meaningful environmental impact that has the power to positively influence the quality of life for communities and wildlife through improved ecosystem functions.

Economic Mission

To manage our operations with effciency, quality, and accuracy, that will allow our business to exhibit sustainable and profitable financial growth.

To use our resources in order to improve our organization as well as expand opportunities that support continued investment in the career development and personal growth of our employees.

    Illinois: The Prairie State

    Once upon a time, 60% of land coverage in Illinois, approximately 22 million acres, consisted of vast prairie. Today it is estimated that 2,500 acres of prairie remain within state lines, a mere fraction of what once existed. Wetlands in our state have faced a similar fate, with an estimated 90% of historic wetland areas destroyed, drained for development, or tiled for agricultural production.

    While we enjoy our share of modern conveniences, some historic development strategies have unfortunately led to not only elimination of prairie, wetland, and woodland habitats, but also the degradation of existing ones. Preference for gray infrastructure versus the incorporation of green solutions has led to unchecked flows into local waterways and unsustainable management of stormwater. Add in the rapid expansion of non-native and invasive species (an unfortunate side effect of our global society), and even our well-preserved natural areas can be under immense pressure.

    Fully restoring the historic natural areas that once dominated Illinois and other areas in the Midwest is not a practical goal with modern development and expansion being an undeniable reality.

    So, what can we do?

    ENCAP, Inc. believes that with the right planning and execution, the urban interface and ecologically productive green spaces can be thoughtfully combined.

    Preserve & Restore

    ENCAP, Inc. has been a force in preserving and restoring thousands of acres in northern Illinois and surrounding areas in nature preserves, forest preserves, and other large tracts of public land. Stewardship of these areas helps ensure they are resilient enough to last for future generations.


    Create & Design

    Hundreds of acres of wetlands or prairies don’t, and can’t, exist everywhere. ENCAP, Inc. helps create and design effective natural areas within residential developments, commercial facilities, and small public spaces to create treatment trains for stormwater and smaller-scale native landscapes that serve as corridors between larger spaces.


    Integrate & Repair

    Existing concrete stormwater infrastructure has its place but can often be enhanced by utilizing constructed native areas to encourage natural water percolation, filtration, and soil stabilization features. Existing naturalized best management practices (BMPs) can stand the test of time with appropriate stewardship and established structure. ENCAP, Inc. is knowledgeable in how to integrate and repair these areas so they can function as designed or be improved.
    Ultimately, we as a company and as individuals do this work because we believe in the impact it makes. We apply the wide breadth of experience of our staff to create projects that we are proud of, projects that last, projects that matter.